To deliver a high quality service through strategic partnerships that will add value to the business, the supply chain and the community.

Following the completion of our Major Improvements Programme (MIP) and achieving Welsh Housing Quality Standard, we have identified a number of marketplace objectives for 2015/2016.

  • Maintain the Welsh Housing Quality Standard through the delivery of our Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP)
  • Achieve and maintain customer satisfaction
  • Support sustainable independent living
  • Work with our tenants to successfully manage and maintain their homes
  • Procure responsibly and ethnically, supporting our supply chain

As a community mutual housing association our tenants and other members of the community have a formal role in the governance and decision making of the organisation.  This approach allows us to understand the real needs of our marketplace and offer a solution which will benefit both the business and the community.

Our aim is to develop, manage and maintain homes and neighbourhoods that people want to live in. This means that we must seek to meet the current and future housing needs of our neighbourhoods through the support of our tenants, our staff and our supply chain partners.

We work hard to develop long term relationships with our stakeholders. We live and breathe our vision and values - To provide the best services, designed and delivered with our communities and we are open about our plans and progress and we aim to keep our promises and commitments.

Responsible and sustainable procurement
As part of the Welsh Housing Improvement Programme we select our contractors and supply chain partners based, not only on a rigorous test of their cost competitiveness - ensuring best value for money within the parameters of its Business Plan, but by also demanding that prospective contractors and supply chain partners are prepared to support the economic regeneration of some of our most disadvantaged communities, by recruiting and training local people and sustaining local businesses.

This model approach has provided RCT Homes with a significant social return on investment, with our existing main constructor and supply partners now employing 308 people to service our contracts, of which 68% are local to the area and 69% were previously unemployed.

Customer Satisfaction

We work closely with our tenants and supply chain partners in order to ensure we deliver a high quality service and drive continuous improvement.  As part of the Major Improvements Programme (MIP), which ended in 2011, we carried our tenant satisfaction surveys to monitor our performance and the performance of our supply chain.  The graphs below illustrate some of the responses we received from our tenants during the programme.

As part of our ongoing commitment to responsible business, we offer all our supply chain partners support and relevant training to ensure they are fully equipped to carry out the job.