To reduce environmental impact across the business in order to support the climate change agenda.

Our Group Renewables and Energy Advisor provides support across the RCT Homes Group developing and co-ordinating energy-saving and renewable energy initiatives.

Solar PV Programme

In 2013, 457 Solar PV systems were successfully installed across RCT Homes’ stock as part of the first phrase of the programme. The second phase will commence in August 2015, which will see a further 2,500-3,000 properties benefit from this form of renewable energy, achieving potential savings of up to £375 each year per property.

A summary of our renewable installations to date:
• 523 solar PV systems across the stock;
• 210 solar Thermal home installations across the stock;
• 1 commercial solar thermal systems (sheltered complexes);       
• 5 commercial solar PV systems (sheltered complexes);
• 5 air source heat pumps.

New Build Programme

RCT Homes completed 4 pilot new builds in August 2013 complete with air source heat pumps and built to Sustainable Homes Code 4, with EPC rating B.

Our new tenants have identified significant decreases in fuel costs, compared to both UK household averages and the homes they previously occupied. All three tenants reported that they are delighted with the level of comfort in their new homes and are particularly relieved at the notable decrease in energy costs. On average, their energy bills are 44% cheaper than the UK average.

A further 37 units are currently being built in the area; all of which will be built to Sustainable Homes Code 4 with Air Source Heat Pumps.

Energy Behaviour in the community

Meadow Prospect secured £10,000 of funding to deliver an extensive programme of outreach to vulnerable consumers, focusing on helping them reduce their energy costs through assisted action on tariffs, switching and energy efficient behaviour.

The established programme, Switch to Save, took place between September 2014 and March 2015. During this time 10 community events engaged with home occupiers on a 1-to-1 basis. Meadow Prospect also hosted a frontline worker energy trainer event, which engaged over 30 frontline workers across various sectors, ensuring they were equipped with the knowledge when engaging with tenants and people in our communities.

Tenants and community members are able to access free energy efficiency and supplier advice at our weekly drop-in sessions at The Exchange @ Penygraig

Green Team

The Green Team consists of a group of individuals from across the RCT Homes Group that come together to plan and work on initiatives that improve the business’ environmental performance.

The Green Team has continued its success in tackling green business activities since 2012.

The achievements so far include:

  • Power Down initiative: Encourages energy saving in the office and around the home.
  • Binless Office: Our office recycling campaign aims to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Central recycling points have been established throughout the business and regular communications are sent to staff to offer recycling guidance and to promote the environmental importance of recycling.
  • Cycle facilities and activities: The established storage and changing facilities in Ty Pennant allow numerous employees to cycle to work and participate in group social activities.

Environmental Management 

We are currently developing an Environmental Management Strategy, which will help us to assess our strengths and weaknesses. It will also help us identify and manage significant impacts, secure cost savings and internal efficiencies, provide benchmarks for improvements and intended benefits and helps to keep track of progress.


Travel is a significant source of our business' carbon emissions; from the miles travelled by employees to reach their place of work, to those travelled for meetings and visiting partner organisations.  We have made a commitment to support our employees on their journey towards sustainable travel.

Working in partnership with SEWTA we have adopted a Travel Plan with a package of actions designed to encourage safe, healthy and sustainable travel options.  By reducing car travel, we can improve health and wellbeing, free up car parking space and make a positive contribution to the community and the environment.

Through the results of our travel survey we were able to set realistic goals and identify the barriers to more sustainable travel.  The travel plan has 4 key actions that drive our green agenda:

  • choose walking
  • choose cycling
  • choose public transport
  • choose car sharing