We are living in an ever changing world - new technologies, social media, emerging markets – it’s time for a new kind of business.

Engaging with your employees, customers and supply chain partners can maximise your resources which will meet both business objectives and community needs.  Responsible Business (RB) is becoming just as important to consumers as it is to businesses.  Media hype has played a big part in developing consumers’ RB needs and demands.

Being a sustainable and responsible business needs to become integral to the day-to-day running of a business.  This approach can achieve real behavioural change and measurable social results.  The way we do business is changing and we must not only think about the short term returns but also about building longer term sustainable businesses that create economic, environmental and social value.

Meadow Prospect will work with your business to integrate responsible business practice to meet the needs of your client’s whilst protecting, sustaining and enhancing the wider community.  We will help you to integrate RB into your core practices and filter it through to your supply chain so that you operate in a more connected way.

“We have been working with Meadow Prospect over the past year to develop our responsible business strategy. They have helped us produce a Community Benefits Plan which aligns with our business objectives and meets with the needs of the communities we’re working in. The plan not only helps us to set and achieve targets but also supports us in winning future work.”

Liam Bevan, Director
LCB construction

It’s about working in partnership to combat climate change, reduce waste, trade ethically, use sustainable raw materials, and improve health & wellbeing just to name a few.

We will focus on the BITC model which targets 4 key areas:

    Your Workplace
      To promote an inspiring, supportive and dynamic workplace where employees will develop and thrive. 
    Your Marketplace
    To deliver a high quality service through strategic partnerships that will add value to the business, the supply chain and the community.
    Your Environment
    To reduce environmental impact across the business in order to support the climate change agenda.
    Your Community
    To support local community engagement, develop partnerships and add value to wider community projects.