Meadow Prospect Grant

Meadow Prospect offers community grants to initiatives that aim to support the regeneration of disadvantaged communities in RCT and across South East Wales.

Grants/loans awarded will be in three categories:
Grants up to £5,000;
Grants above £5,000 up to £15,000;
Above £15,000 to a maximum of £25,000.

Capital and revenue costs can be supported, with specific consideration being given to projects that:

  • Establish activities that make a difference in a community or bring back assets into the community.
  • Support learning & development projects that raise individual’s capacity to improve their prospects of employment.
  • Assist in promoting and developing sporting organisations physical activity, health & wellbeing and healthy eating.
  • Projects that promote the use of renewable energy and/or address fuel poverty.
    Assist new social enterprises to become established and offer employment to local communities.
Upcoming submission deadline: 24th June 2016

Community grants with RCT Homes

RCT Homes Environmental Improvement (EIP) Grant
Environmental Improvement Grants are awarded to eligible groups in RCT that want to improve their local environment.
Examples of projects that we have funded include environmental trails and walks, picnic areas and environmental training sessions.

Upcoming submission deadline: 24th June 2016


Recently awarded grants

The below table consists of recently awarded EIP grants.

Get in touch to apply

Please contact the RCT Homes Grants Team for further information and to receive a grants application form, along with an example form and guidance notes.

Grants Team or 07799 341943

Hayley Teague, Fund Manager or 07919 090034.