Meadow Prospect is the charitable arm of RCT Homes, winner of Business in the Community ‘Responsible Large Business of the Year’ 2014 Award, which received reaccreditation in 2015 and 2016.

Meadow Prospect delivers regeneration projects that complement the organisation’s community enhancing goals by working with partner organisations to deliver projects, which support three core objectives:

  • Community capacity building projects including youth work and supported employment programmes.
  • Community-based renewable energy projects.
  • Social enterprise development.

We seek to achieve these priorities through a mix of match funded grant programmes. We work collaboratively with our responsible business partners to help them achieve their RB targets and we’ve developed our own social enterprise Grow Enterprise Wales (GrEW), which has given valuable work experience and accredited training to over 1,700 people to date.

Meadow Prospect’s vision statement is “Leading regeneration by investing in opportunities that raise the aspiration of people and communities, supporting them to reach their potential”. This is to be delivered through direct support to groups and communities working with commercial education establishments and third sector partners to deliver sustainable environments and communities.

Over the next three years Meadow Prospect seeks to realise this vision through three clear aims:

  • Invest in renewable energy to provide support and investment to individuals and groups in renewable energy projects, helping create a sustainable funding base to reinvest in communities.
  • Tackle poverty through projects that target improvement to individual’s financial position, identify and offer employment opportunities for individuals and supporting enterprise.
  • Digital inclusion by targeting social housing tenants and wider deprived communities and offering specific technology products and services.